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, the philippines getting in on it at 10:00 gmt, marshall islands at 10:20 gmt. as the waves approach the island, if folks are on ground we're going to try to make contact to find out what's going on there. folks, keep in mind, some of these islands here are so tiny and so close to sea level that if you're talking about a wave, a wall of water that is 25-foot-plus high, you can encompass the entire island here. that's what we're talking about. indonesia arrival time at 11:00 gmt. again, we're going to continue to track this for the next 24 hours just like we did with the chilling earthquake. solomon islands at 12:28. kiribati down in the south at 12:37 gmt. what we cannot do -- here's what everybody wants to know. if you live in some of these countries, how high is the water going to be? we cannot forecast that because the bithometry is so different, the irregularity is so different that literally in the same country we could have the arrival of a 5-foot wave and a few kilometers away a 20-foot wave-plus. that's the problem with this. we know when they will arrive but we don't know how bad they
information coming to us out of the philippines? >> that's right. the philippines, guam, taiwan, indonesia and the u.s. state of hawaii are all in the path of this potential tsunami. joining us now on the telephone is mike cohen. he is a curran gist who is in manila, in the philippines. what is the situation there? >> right now, greg, what we are seeing is generally a situation of evacuation that supped way -- that is underway. an hour ago they gave the order to evacuate coastal and low-lying areas in the philippines. this is not one specific island. this is 19 provinces affecting about 20 mill people, greg. >> is it orderly? is it panicky? >> you have to admit there is panic. they are seeing the scenes on television the scenes from japan. but people are peaceful. the government gave early warning. they are well organized because we do have a lot of problems with typhoons here, and they have been able to get the warning out with enough time. the philippine president went on raid dwroa. -- on radio. they issued a specific instruction. they say to go two kill localers -- kilometers in land.
with these kinds of things. we were speaking with someone in the philippines where the concern is more for the infrastructure that is perhaps not designed to deal with these things. in terms of preparation and the facilities and plans made. these are planned quite well there and there are contingencies in place, correct? >> yes. the events themselves is what has been striking about this alert. but we are no stranger to tsunami alerts. and we've had a few that resulted in nothing serious along the coastline. nothing more serious than yachts bobbing up and down in the harbor. so civil defense certainly do have plans. coastal residents will be alerted and already they are being told to stay away from the coast. do not go sight seeing, and monitor your local radio for further alerts. >> thank you for joining us. >> new zealand, perhaps the latest country to have fallen victim to a major earthquake. but indonesia hit harder than any country before as far as a tsunami. we go to our correspondent. has the message gotten out about this tsunami warning? and if so, are people preparing for it? >
that arrived from the philippines tonight. airport officials say the philippines airlines flight landed about 7:20 tonight and now being held at a remote section of the airport. that after some sort of threat was called in to philippine authorities. passengers have been removed from that plane and taken to customs. we are told that the cargo holds of the planes were emptied. search dogs are scouring the area to see if any threat exists. so far, none has been found. >>> we'll be right back after the break. >>> tonight's headlines in libya, late word from secretary of state clint than one of muammar qaddafi's sons may have been killed. and people close to the leader may be exploring their options abroad. earlier, qaddafi forces battered citizens in hisrada with tanks as a forth day of no- fly zone attacks continued and president obama is being criticized at home for not consulting congress before the fighting in libya as officials explore possible military involvement by nato. >>> more aftershocks in japan. some, a magnitude 6.0. powerlines have now been connected to all six of the reactor units
continued even after i returned to the philippines, following the expiration of my six-month the set. our relationship was expansive given the long distance. when i return to the philippines, i learned my cousin, who murdered my mother and sister, and almost killed me as well, was released from prison after serving only 10- year sentence. i feared for my safety and i knew i was in danger and understood in order to meet, but -- to live, i have to leave the philippines to jay, where i would feel safe. i hired an attorney to apply for legal asylum. my application was denied, so my attorney filed an appeal to the ninth circuit court, and jay and i requested and a regular basis on the├║agr status of the appeal. again and again we were told that it would take a long time before the court gets to my case. i did not know it, but my appeal had also been denied. my attorney never told me. all the while, we thought i was legal in we were waiting for the decision of the court. jay and i went about building our lives together. i gave birth to my two kids. they are the biggest joy in our lives, and i b
department, served as the u.s. ambassador of the philippines, the national security council, the right now he is president of the united states institute of peace. we are going to take a break and come back on the other side. "this is america." >> "this is america" is made possible by -- the national education association, the nation's largest advocate for children and public education. the american federation of teachers, a union of professionals. poongsan corporation, forging a higher global standard. the rotondaro family trust. the ctc foundation. afo communications. and the american life tv network. >> you have been president of the united states institute of peace for a chunk of time now, 1993. what would you point to as two or three major successes and say this is something we did that nobody else could really do? >> we became an operational element of our foreign affairs and national security community. we began doing the analytical work that you would call think tank-type work. we are now a think and do tank. we have taken our analytical work and we have applied that in the field. we
, the philippines and hawaii. japan's nhk said a small tsunami hit the shore near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. local time. they warn that a tsunami as high as 20 feet could strike the cause near miagi. the pacific tsunami center says the tsunami warning is in effect for a large part of the pacific and the weather agency is warning that a tsunami as high as 10 feet could hit the north eastcoastline of japan. there are no reports of injuries. ia pan has been rocked by several earthquakes in 7 days, including 7.3 magnitude on wednesday. once again, a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake, rocking japan. and there is a warning that a tsunamiy that could end up being as high as 10 feet could hit the northeast coastline. also, we are getting fresh reports in. we told you other countries have been issued a warning, including japan, rushia, the marques islands and a tsunami watch in guam, taiwan, the philippines, indonesia and hawaii. we are told by japan's nhk that the small -- that a small tsunami has hit the shores near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. their time. japan's weather agency warning that th
to alaska, the philippines and mariana. pretty much everything you can imagine in the pacific is watching this closely especially in hawaii. we've had adam on. are you still this? we've been talking about the evacuation and people being told to get to higher ground. as you look at these pictures out of japan, you can only serving to bolster the seriousness of thisant to get people to heed the warnings. emergency management department is telling people to stay at least 50 feet away from waterways. people seem to be heeding the warnings. >> i've been getting messages from friends. i haven't been able to call. they can text me and send me messages on twitter, friends that i know in hawaii. guys have been local there for a long time, not just on vacation. these people have lived in hawaii, know hawaii, and they're grabbing their stuff and going to higher ground. i know it's happening on maui, i suspect it's happening in oahu. that is taking place as we speak. the good news is i've had a number of viewers send me tweets and e-mailing me asking me to check in on naval forces. we have a lot of n
some [inaudible], that is company and dancers group, they are going to sing the philippine national anthem.
a list over 12 different countries affected. taiwan, philippines, indonesia, papa new guinea, russia, guam of course. it's under tsunami watch, too. the problem there is people have no higher ground to seek. so we're watching now this again, this is taped material that we had a little earlier from nhk. that debris, the mud rolling in across the land there, thankfully in most instances, this was across farmland. so at least we are dealing with a situation where there are fewer people but are there still people on the ground there affected by this and the worry is them trying to rush and evacuate ahead of that roll of mud and debris that brings cars and boats all collected together. now back on land of course the quake rattled tokyo residents who -- they're used to these kind of events as we've said but smoke was seen rising from a poured building. people poured out into the streets from their office buildings. we spoke to one witness to this who choose remain in his building. he works for "the times" there, he was the asia editor. he decided that he felt safer inside of the building b
from the epicenter. more time to watch to get folks to get to higher ground. taiwan, philippines, marshall islands, midway islands, indonesia, and hawaii is now under a tsunami watch as well. that means we know a tsunami was generated. we know it looks like it was a major some on it. based on say i didn't have any of this information from the warning center, look at the pictures that have been coming from japan and you can see that we indeed have had a major event occurring along the shore and within 8.8, it has been upgraded and it leaves it shallow at 24, we're talking about the potential for the kind of a tsunami that was generated back in 2004. this is essentially the same thing. this time around happening just off shore of japan as opposed to indonesian. >> and for those people who may have just joined us, as we walked you as you walk us through the situation on the ground there, we're dealing with an 822 magnitude quake. initially it was thought it was weaker than that. now we have learned this is considered and classified a great earthquake. the tsunami warning in place fo
means touched down at -- philippines touched down at 7:30. it was taken to a remote area and all passengers and crew were evacuated. police say the plane was not threatened directly, but philippine airlines asked them to search the aircraft. passengers were not sure what was going on, and one told his relative there was some kind of medical emergency. >> i am worried. i want him to get home. he is probably tired and hungry at this point. >> san francisco police dogs are searching the plane and passengers are working through customs and amoung them are the lead singer of "journey." >>> to libya where new air strikes rocked tripolli. take a look. this night vision shows a u.s. jet launching on a mission. earlier an f-15 crashed inside libya after an apparent mechanical failure. the crew men ejected and were later rescued. >>> muammar qaddafi made his first appearance since sunday. he told the crowd of supporters that libyans are making fun of the rocket attacks. >>> and meanwhile, president obama is cutting his trip to latin america short by a couple hours to conference with his na
a philippine airline and hundreds of passengers are evacuate. it's 4:30. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >>. >> eric: day time rain, that is what you are in for. >> kristen: let's check in with the check of flooding and mudslides. >> the added element is the wind. gusting to 35 miles per hour at oakland. 32 at sfo. 24 in hayward. to nearly 40 in san jose. 32 in fairfield and not quite as much in inland valleys. 7 in concord and nine miles per hour in novato. that is one of the extra problems we're dealing with and the pojd on the roadways from the rain that fell, rain that is still falling in the north bay. light to moderate rain as you look around the bay, especially around 24. caldecott looks like heavier rain and heavy towards redwood city. best returns is santa cruz mountains where we could see more landslides. i'll have update. >> allow extra time if you are getting ready to leave the house. wind winter advisories on the bridges. no delays through the tolls but we have seen several spinouts but good news is that everything is cleared over to the shoulder. we do have flooding in the
in russia, the philippines, indonesia, taiwan, guam and u.s. state of hawaii. a major, major disaster in that part of the world on this friday morning. >> we'll continue to bring you the latest details and also more live pictures from japan. stay with us. we'll take a quick break. i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... with all you need to enroll. put their trust in aarp p medicare supplement insuranc. plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare. the prices are competitive. i can keep my own doctor. and i don't
in the philippines. inside an indonesian national park, movement showed four of the world's rarest rhinos wandering the forest. poachers had decimated their population in recent decades, but this new footage is giving experts new hope for the survival of one of the most endangered species. >>> one museum in the philippines keeps fashion afoot by showing off its history. over 800 pairs of shoes, including those of the area's rich and famous, gives visitors a chance to experience a long-time local tradition. manual shoe making has existed here for hundreds of years and locals hope the museum brings back the pastime which has faded over time. >>> and from footwear to spy wear, american engineers are taking a cue from nature to build under water technology. the remote control sfooi spy aircraft is meant to look and function like a humming bird with a wing span of only six and a half inches. experts hope the device will be used to gather information without attracting too much attention. to test it out, i sent one down to the weather studio to watch what you say about me. >> and it has a microphone, too
in california. the first waves are expected to hit hawaii sometime during this hour. in the philippines. >> in the philippines thousands are moving to higher grounds this morning. just hours ago they ordered evacuations of coastal communities following that huge quake in japan. the waves crashing into the beaches are expected to be at least 15 feet or higher. now the epicenter of last nights quake was 80 miles east of cindie city. i want to show you some video from inside a billing the moment that earthquake hit. still assessing the damage this morning but a major power outage and gas leaks were reported in the city. following theet quake then we are hearing reports of 20-30- foot tsunami hitting the city port. it flooded homes and submerged the airport runway. >> seismologist in the bay area are monitoring the quake in japan. kraig debro is joining us live. what are the experts saying so far? >> basically it's a wait and see attitude right now. the waves are not expected to be huge. wait and see what they are when we get here. first they are monitoring it. i have a special connection w
international airport. threat against unspecified plane coming in from the philippines today. philippine airline flight from manila landed bat 7:30 tonight and is being held at remote area of the airport as we speak. now police say the threat was phoned in but they have not released information about what was said. passengers are getting off the plane now and are being taken by bus to clear customs. san francisco police dog have been brought in to search that aircraft. again aircraft coming in from the philippines today. isolated at the airport because of some threat that has not yet been detailed. we are following very closely. bring you development as soon as we get them. >> there are indications tonight that gadhafi and close to him trying to find an exit out of libya. in an exclusive abc news interview secretary of state hillary clinton addressed that question plus the report that at least one of gadhafi sons has been killed. >> i can't give any confirmation because the evidence is not sufficient. but we have heard. that we have heard about other people close to him reaching
of the philippines, indonesia, southeast asia that are obvious threats, you know, how are our partners coming together and, you know, do we need more resources and/or funding to accomplish this and be ready for that? >> thank you, sir. that's being addressed in multiple levels. let me talk about kind of current events. as you're probably aware we have joint operations task force operating in the southern philippines of around 600 u.s. personnel. that's been there for a number of years and continues to be effective in addressing terrorist issues that were occurring in that part of the philippines, i think, very effectively. so that's one significance. we're also concerned as we look at the south asia region what the l.e.t. or the terrorist group which emanates out of pakistan but has a presence in india and nepal and bangladesh -- we're concerned how -- let me backtrack for a second. as you're aware the l.e.t. is responsible for the mumbai attacks where so many people lost their lives and so we're very concerned about that interaction that l.e.t. is having on india and the effect -- the compre
news at sfo. a philippines airlines jet is being detained in a remote part of the airport following reports of a bomb threat. the flight arrives at sfo from the philippines earlier tonight. we have the latest developments. kim, first and foremost, what's the status of the passengers and is this bomb threat legitimate? >> reporter: police are investigating exactly that, whether that bomb threat was legitimate. it was a phone call. it was not specific to a plane i'm being told, but it is something they're investigating. i'm told that those passengers have all gotten off the plane and are now going through customs but will have to wait to get their luggage because canine teams are going through. right now san francisco police are still conducting a search at the philippines airlines plane that land the at 7:30 this evening. this was shot for police waiting for passengers. the call came into the airline at 2:30 this afternoon as the flight was en route from manila to san francisco international airport. police say there was a threat made during that phone call but they say it was not sp
that arrived from the philippines tonight. airport officials say the philippines airlines flight landed about 7:20 tonight and now being held at a remote section of the airport. that after some sort of threat was called in to philippine authorities. passengers have been removed from that plane and taken to customs. we are told that the cargo holds of the planes were emptied. search dogs are scouring the area to see if any threat exists. so far, [ male announcer ] you are you. you are also your social security number your credit card numbers the email in your inbox, you're even the equity in your home. to a criminal, getting his hands on just one tiny piece of you, even just your name, can be enough to steal your credit, your money and your good name. that's why you need lifelock to help protect you. lifelock is the leader in proactive identity protection. we aggressively patrol your identity every second of every day by actively monitoring your personal information to help protect you from identity theft before it happens. credit monitoring alone is not enou
are on alert. of particular concern is the philippines and indonesia but taiwan which is also -- could have faced the brunt of the tsunami, there's no reports yet of any tsunamis hitting there which is good news for the rest of the region and, perhaps, these tsunamis have been dissipated by coastlines or flafla floors of the sea. the indonesian government has ordered people to evacuate the coastal regions in the northern part of the southeast asian region. >> all right. and david, as you look at these images that are coming in from japan of all the devastation from the tsunami wave, that has to take you back to 2004 and what happened in thailand though that wasn't nearly as widely televised with images as the waves were happening as this one. >> that's right. from what i understand, the japanese media and the government had a really clear indication of when the tsunamis will hit and they sent the helicopters out to see and to record what was happening. we never had that chance in the greater asian tsunami of 2004 on boxing day but we did see video later that you can see the real power of n
. heidi grew up in the philippines and has been living in the united states for ten years. she first visited medor in 2008 and saw people living at the whim of the sun and the rain. and off of beans and sugarcane they could smell at the market. >> malnutrition, exposed to, you know, sick kids. but going to medor really had a big impact because it's much, much worse. >> heidi and her perish leaders had been running a modest development effort in medor. water, sanitation and education projects. now they packed cholera medication into a truck and were heading back on an emergency medical mission. for heidi it was a personal journey, too. she invited her father, ray, on the trip to share a bonding experience. soon they left the city behind. paved roads as well. this was hard going, especially for the truck. >> very good. >> then the trail got steeper, rockier and harder. >> we're getting into the worst part. where the roads are very steep and there's steep drop-offs. >> some cars could go no farther and neither could the truck filled with cholera medication. stan was undaunted. >> this i
watches and warnings not only for japan, as you can imagine, but russia, japan, the philippines, indonesia, guam and the u.s. state of hawaii as well. this is evolving into an international event. dramatic footage, homes and buildings just being washed away as tsunami just -- literally a 13-foot tsunami engulfs that country. >> take a look at this water damage here as you see it plowing over buildings. you see homes, businesses, cars absolutely being caught up in this flood. we've all, of course, been familiar with the damage that a tsunami can cause. right now there is a warning about another tsunami that could hit. this one was 19 feet and apparently there are more that could hit. >> right now we're getting information that this is the biggest earthquake since 1995. the biggest earthquake since 1995. it struck at about 2:46 japan time, shortly after 1:00 a.m. eastern time. again, 8.8, that is a monster earthquake. already word from japanese officials that they're going to -- already in the process now of accepting foreign assistance because the scope of this is going to be unbelievable.
into the ktvu newsroom about an incident at san francisco airport. we understand a philippines airline airplane is about to be checked because of a possible threat. the plane right now is on the tarmac away from other aircraft. passengers are off the plane, but there are some disabled people who have not been taken off. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. >>> and another victim storage theft victim has contacted us. there maybe dozens of others. >> reporter: investigators say they are now looking at surveillance tape and other evidence to see if there's a link to all the cases. they told us there's been an increase in storage locker break-ins during the past six months. >> the patient goes in and waits till they leave and break into another one. there goes our suspect. >> reporter: we first showed you the video of this woman who police suspect may be responsible for over a half a dozen storage break-ins in san francisco when we broke the story last wednesday. after seeing our report. this family called us to let us know their university was
an incident at san francisco airport. we understand a philippines airline airplane is about to be checked because of a possible threat. the plane right now is on the tarmac away from other aircraft. passengers are off the plane, but there are some disabled people who have not been taken off. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. >>> and another victim storage theft victim has contacted us. there maybe dozens of others. >> reporter: investigators say they are now looking at surveillance tape and other evidence to see if there's a link to all the cases. they told us there's been an increase in storage locker break-ins during the past six months. >> the patient goes in and waits till they leave and break into another one. there goes our suspect. >> reporter: we first showed you the video of this woman who police suspect may be responsible for over a half a dozen storage break-ins in san francisco when we broke the story last wednesday. after seeing our report. this family called us to let us know their university was among nine that had be
. ktvu's jade hernandez reports it involves a flight from the philippines that landed at sfo last night. jade, what happened? >> reporter: that's right. a bomb threat directed toward a plane arriving here at sfo left a lot of passengers on the tarmac because they didn't know why. they didn't know what was going on. let's take a look at video this morning. san francisco airport police say the threat came in hours before the plane was supposed to land. the call was described as "rambling in an unsubstantiated but not direct threat to flight 104". they didn't want to take any chances and searched the plane thoroughly. each was cleared by u.s. customs and border protection and eventually allowed to leave the airport without any problems. one person on board did have a medical issue, but that person was not taken to the hospital. most of the passengers we spoke to figured something was going on the airline wasn't telling them about. >> lack of communication i think that really disturbed most of us. said it was a medical problem and that was it. but it didn't make sense why we were sitting on
. to a picture from the philippines. you are seeing there someone from the philippines authority testing japanese food stuffs. lastly a shot here from hong kong. this is a place that sells sushi. and there's a little sign here that you can probably barely read. but it's basically telling people that their fish is not coming from japan and listing all of the countries where the different fish is coming from, trying to assure the people who come and buy that all of their food is safe. while most countries are still accepting meat and fish from jap japan, many are testing items from the effected areas in hong kong some local restaurants have decided to take action even before the ban to ease any worries customers might have. >> well, the decision really is to sort of stop the or cease the importation of fresh produce from japan. that was really based on the fact that we were not really getting clear or consistent information, whether it be from various departments or government bodies or even the media as to the effects of the fallout or the situation in japan. it's to take the ultra-cautious positi
9:30 gm t, not much time to get to higher ground. the philippines the tsunami or arrives at 9:55, marshall islands, 10:13. indonesia some omer rise if you're watching this from place that's are under a watch and you i didn't name you, that's because you have several hours to prepare yourselves. we'll continue to update that list as that initial wave continues to get closer. >> we're looking at these pictures. we can see something is ablaze there on the ground. this very strange wave of mud and debris with boats included and cars and all sorts of thing. it is when you see something like this unfold before your very eyes, there is nowhere to run when you have something like that coming so fast towered. and of course, it appears to be fairly slow when you're looking aerially. if you're on the ground and that is moving at such a fast speed. you can see the boat there. unbelievable. >> unbelievable pictures. there is a building or a couple buildings on fire and are moving with this tsunami. it is just something you have never seen before. and there is a pretty big vessel there gett
presidents," dr. mariano shares her inspiring scrowrnny of how a little girl from the philippines came to america and became the physician to the president of the united states. her example is truly one of a woman whose achievements were unlimited in the military, medicine and government service. secondly, gloriafelt will speak, and gloria is a leading activist, a best selling author of four books, a commentator, a sought after after speaker on topics such as women, politics, power, health and can the media. her front line experience as to how to unlock intention and ambition in order to embrace the power to make a difference about what we believe in is, truly provides her with a unique perspective, and she shares that in her book, "no excuses: nine ways women can change the way we think about power." she's currently a professor at arizona state, and previously, and i know a lot of people in this room know her and we're very excited to have her return to ads, because she brought -- arizona, because she brought phenomenal growth to the planned parenthood affiliates in west texas and ari
to do this work when i was 17 years old. and as an orphan in the philippines. through this work, i have been blessed to be able to earn a living for myself and to raise my jounger sister. the care takes a lot of tenderness for patients with alzheimers disease. our patients require our utmost respect. at the current alzheimer's unit, we do our best to provide that. however it is difficult for us at the current hospital. it does not have proper facilities. we cannot use outdated equipment. we can care for our patients with the dignity that they deserve. i encourage you to support the project so that we can have proper facility to care for the patients in the alds himers unit and -- alzheimer's unit. the dignity that they deserve. security and safety -- that is good for us all of us. and by the way, cpmc in our community we have a patient -- two patients that are -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> >> i'm sorry if i destroyed your name. cheryl dawson. sylvia rosenios. tom tobin, followed by derek nordel. >> hello, commissioners. my name is -- the lead administrator at the pacific campus and
. in the philippines they marched to the gates of a defunct nuclear power plant. activists in south korea held a rally to denounce the development of nuclear power there. and in taiwan, they gathered in front of one of the top administration buildings to call on the government to top building a fourth nuclear power plant. >>> let's talk about haiti, the former exiled president of haiti is headed back home. the first democratic president has been in south africa since he was ousted in 2004. his return to his country comes just before haiti's runoff presidential election this weekend. it remains to be seen what such an influential figure will have on the vote, that's why the u.s. is watching very very closely as is other countries. they want haiti to continue to be stable. he took over after baby doc duvalier fled hatety. >>> the big event now, the weather on its way. jeff ranieri joins us. >> we're tracking the system as we head into tomorrow, and also another one for this upcoming weekend. it is st. patrick's day. we have a little bit of radar happening now. spotty showers offshore, sign of that upper
. elsewhere is also looking pretty settled on the korean peninsula. and down towards the philippines we will see more heavy rains, unfortunately, and gale-force winds. here are your temperatures. 31 degrees in manila, 35 in bangkok with thunderstorms, rain showers in hong kong, 21 for the high. you should see some good sunshine also. 20 in taipei, a cloudy day with 10 degree in tokyo, clear skies here and 13 in beijing. we go now to north america. our western storm is actually broken up a little bit. but there is another round of moisture coming in. so you won't notice too much of a difference if you're anywhere up the pacific northwest into british columbia. there's going to be weakening winds, so that is one thing on saturday. certainly more coastal rain and more snow spreading in, as well. let's look to the east and talk about what's happening here. the big storm developing is going to be pushing snow across eastern canada and the great lakes. you could see about 30 centimeters of it. and south of that from iowa up in towards new england, freezing rain for you. south of that, in the
, which has been used over and over. in the philippines and haiti, south korea, and indonesia. there comes a point when you cannot support your favorite dictator any longer. the same thing happens every time. it is happening here, too. support them as long as possible. when the jet engine that -- maybe the army turns against them or whatever. come out with ringing declarations about your love of democracy and how you are on the side of the people. then try and preserve the regime. >> so you think the immediate response should have been to withdraw support for the a administration in egypt. >> not quite. i think that response should have taken place a long time ago. remember, these demonstrations are bursting out now. but they have been going on for a long time. for example, in egypt, there have been very extensive and significant labor struggles for years. the january 25 movement was led by the upper right -- you know, the uprisings, run by a group called the april 6 group. those are the tech savvy young people. april 6 is a significant day. that was the date of a major strike and support
to investigate a mysterious ail threat. it involves a flight from the philippines that landed as sfo last night. officers with bomb-sniffing dogs inspected every in of the cargo plane. the search came in response to a telephone threat hours earlier against the phillippines flight from manila to san francisco. the lead singer from the rock band "journey" was on the flight. we didn't know anything until we were told there's a bomb threat. i called my wife and then they said, you know, there's something going on in our plane. that's the only time i knew something was going on. >> agents took action the moment the jet touched down. they evacuated the passengers and crew members, and then moved the jet to a remote part of the airport. they searched the luggage for several hours but they did not find anything. >>> still ahead -- a report on home sales just came out. we'll tell you if it's encouraging. >>> a lot of people have been rushing to the lottery machines in the last 24 hours. >>> stocks. ing-- higher now. right now, the dow currently up, 93 at 12,110. >>> the commerce department says new home
for the philippines, a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rain to con tend with, especially to the south of the country. 31 degrees in manila. 17 in taipei, 13 in shanghai. warming up to only 8 degrees in tokyo today. 7 in seoul. and then 15 in, pleasant and mild in beijing with sunny spells. now we head to the americas where flooding is going to be a major concern. numerous flooding reports coming out this week along the mississippi valley, but up in the northeastern corner in the u.s. as well. let's start off with some footage out of new jersey. you can see that many areas have been flooded here due to the recent rainfall. rivers have risen significantly. residents were forced to use boats as a means of getting around. floodwater was quite strong, as you can see. it knocked down a refrigerator here. cleanup efforts are going on, but more rain is on the way. and of course it's not just new jersey but other parts of the northeast dealing with flooding as well. here's the potent storm moving across, very slowly. that's going to bring flooding rains to many areas. we have widespread snow across the north
up across the indochina peninsula and the philippines as well. for japan, we have been talking about a lot of snowy weather for the western flank of the country. that's set to continue again today. more snow for those of you here. we are talking about a month of up to 20 to 50 centimeters, especially in upper elevations at high risk for additional snow. so you want to watch out if you are going to be in the area. highs today will come up to 8 degrees in tokyo , 6 for seoul. in the teens for beijing and only 9 in shanghai. on the cool side. taipei is up to 18 degrees. for north america, seeing a lot of snow coming in from the west. really starting to spread across the rockies and in to inland parts of the united states. and then over to the midwest, eastern half of the united states, area of ice and snow will develop across eastern canada and the northern end of the great lakes area while rain, a lot of moisture will be coming up along the mississippi valley from the gulf of mexico, really looking wet for the lower interest midwest and the deep south and this could include severe weat
given my full capabilities, and being a professional electrical engineer in the philippines, and then 20 years here in america, joining the american legion for 20 years. the veterans affairs commission. veterans of foreign wars, 20 years. i have had a lot of experience on veterans. i need more time. i asked the board, i need another term to fill use to the government. thank you so much. >> -- supervisor kim: thank you so much for being here. thank you for your service on the commission. >> hello, supervisors. how are you? i live in san francisco. i went. cal poly for undergrad. i went to santa clara law school. i worked for a small workers' compensation firm and civil litigation firm. we feel a lot with, obviously, disability. the reason i applied for this was i want to put dissipate here and contribute. i feel i can contribute. second is i have a passion for veterans affairs. both my grandfathers were in the older wars. i have friends that have recently come back from iraq and afghanistan. they face problems that are not unique to them, but i think if -- i think have been present for ve
the philippines, and works here, nonstop work. >> reporter: a sister, who also works at the plant, became worried when he did not show up for his shift. she made the connection with the accident detour on her way to the plant. >> one of the coworkers came pop the escape, didn't know -- upon the scene, didn't know it was alex. the sister left to check the scene and came upon the scene and it was alex. >> reporter: the storm also caused other trouble in the napa valley. power lines, and winds snapped utility poles but none of it as tragic of the death of alec. >> heavy winds, heavy rain, bat combination of events. >> reporter: just yesterday he was telling coworkers next weekend he was going to take his son to the oakland coliseum. today at the plant, the workers are being notified about his debt. live in napa. abc-7 news. >> alan: the brunt of the storm actually struck the south bay. here's the trail of downed trees and debris that it left behind. >> reporter: it wasn't until the sun came up that the real damage became clear. along the peninsula, gusty winds and heavy rains brought power lines dow
islands that make up micronesia, and the philippines have many islands, and indonesia have many islands, these countries are poorer. they did not have the resources japan has to prepare people for earthquakes and tsunamis. people here, there is very little they can do but just wait. most of the houses are not too securely constructed with earthquakes and tsunamis in mind. even a wave of one or two meters can cause quite a bit of damage. >> we have been looking at the horrifying images of the wall -- wall of water sweeping across northeast japan. it sounds as if that is highly unlikely to happen in any part of indonesia. in essence, it looks like the news has turned a little more positive. >> absolutely. it is still very early. this is the first tsunami that has been detected in indonesia, so there is still an alert. people are still worried. but early indications show it is nothing like the scale of the pictures that you can see from japan, and also the pictures which are so vivid in people's minds about what happened in 2004 where hundreds of thousands died. >> thank you very much, ind
today and into the next few days. the philippines also pretty wet picture for you with scattered showers across the country. now, japan has been looking at a lot of wintry conditions, especially along the western that's looking set to continue today. more snow impacting you, including bouts of heavy blowing snow. so warm out for that stormy weather. highs on thursday, 9 in beijing. 8 in tokyo. tokyo will feel a little cooler than yesterday. now for north america, looking really nice and quiet out towards the east. still got this system low that's in eastern canada, but that is on its way out. we are looking at an active picture out west, very strong winds to the coastline. about 140 kilometers per hour. these are some of the gusts expected hoar. very rough conditions especially for british columbia and snow impacting the area with heavy snow in the sierras. as for central sections here in the great lakes area, you could see a little more snow develop later on thursday, but that won't intensify until another day or so. as for highs, 17 denver. 18 in l.a. and then warm 24 for houston. fina
. a tsunami watch is now in effect for much of the pacific including hawaii and the philippines. the japanese weather service is warning that tsunami could be as high as 20 feet. this is just a tsunami watch at this point which is not at serious as a warning. that's the next step. that means it's imminent. one of the nation's largest banks is considering putting strict limits on how people use their debit cards. they may cap 50 or $100 per trans action. here's why. the merchant pays a swipe fee to the bank. congress may vote the limit how much money banks can make from those swipe fees. >> to' cap all transactions, it's a bluff. they are doing it so they can apply pressure to the federal reserve not to cop their interchange fee. >> chase would not comment. it's estimated banks would lose $38 billion if swipe fees are cut. >>> united states government could a lawsuit for infecting people with vd. about 700 prisoners, mental patients, soldiers and even orphans were in effect -- infected without their knowledge or consent. if the obama administration does not agree to that by tomorrow, attorneys
, and look for some more scattered showers across the southern sections of the philippines as well. we've got 18 degrees in taipei today. 16, that is. 15 in shanghai. 9 degrees, so much warmer in tokyo today. and a chilly 6 in seoul. now, heading into the americas, winter storms in place again. one that's over toward the northeast still quite powerful, bringing some strong winds to the area. we're looking at wind gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour. and on top of that there's going to be significant snow accumulating today. over toward the west we have the separate system that's bringing widespread snow across the rockies into the central plains. and that's going to be dumping quite heavy snow for in and around nebraska as well and then also over toward the northeast and more snow to come as well. now, further down we're looking at severe thunderstorms to break out as well come tuesday. there is that threat for tornados. watch out for strong winds as well as heavy downpours as well across louisiana and texas. and you can see that over toward the northwest there is going to be a new system
and even thunderstorms are going to be possible here. and for the philippines too, pretty wet picture across the country today, towards the north too, continuing showers throughout the day. highs for wednesday, 11 in tokyo. hoping for sunshine this afternoon. 2 in seoul. 6 degrees in beijing. then minus 10 up along the core. pretty frigid picture for you again. looking calmer and quieter out towards the east. we've got that long frontal boundary bringing that severe weather yesterday, that's headed out to sea. the tail end of it does linger over the florida peninsula but that should be pulling away as well. we have this low pressure area bringing snow to eastern canada. that will continue on its trek eastward, moving in towards quebec and toward the northern end of the new england states as well as canadian maritimes. out west, messy picture here. well-developed systems coming in off the pacific. already starting to impact the coastline, bringing in strong winds and plenty of moisture. it's looking quite wet along the coastline. then we're going to be talking about snow for inland are
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